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“Wearing and caring for aligners is a significant undertaking. Clean’ners make life a lot easier. I use the tablets daily by dissolving in a dental pot for 15 minutes (whilst I eat my breakfast generally) and,  after a quick rinse, they’re spotless with minimal effort. I’m also confident that my mouth will be odour free for the rest of the day too - no one tells you about how braces smell! Given the amount I’ve invested in Invisalign, a little extra to look after my aligners in a simple and efficient way is well worth it. A necessity for anyone wearing aligners.”

Laura, West Sussex

"After spending all the time and money on my Invisalign I didn’t think I’d have an issue wearing my retainers each night, however, after the first year I had begun to neglect wearing my retainers every night as it just didn’t feel right putting them in my mouth- they never felt really clean- so I didn’t feel like I was doing something good for my teeth. Cleaning Using Clean’ners has made a real difference, it’s so simple to use (no more scrubbing with a toothbrush and tee’pee brushes trying to get into the small areas of the retainer!) I just pop them in a glass with a tablet when I pop in the shower, then rinse off and put away until that night. The retainers look clear again and I’ve found I’m wearing my retainers every night and my teeth are looking great."

Kelly, West Yorkshire

"I had been cleaning my aligners with a toothbrush before I discovered Clean'ners. Despite my best efforts the colour change could not be removed from the aligners with just toothpaste alone, but after just 30 mins, Clean'ners brightened and freshened my aligners so they looked like they had just come out of the packet - making them less obvious when wearing too".

Laura, Glamorgan

"My dentist recommended I changed to Clean’ners and whilst they are more expensive than the old ones I find them much better. They clean well and leave my aligners shiny and looking like new ( rather than the dull finish the olds ones created)". 

Liz, Stratford Upon Avon.

"Having used Clean’ners for a couple of weeks now, I am really pleased with how easy and effective they are. They are so simple to use, saves a lot of time scrubbing my retainers every morning and they feel so much cleaner. I have no doubt that they will make the retainers last longer too! I just wish I'd known about these sooner".

Harriet, Hertfordshire

"Clean'ners are great and have become part of my morning routine.  I will definitely be ordering more".  Alyssa, Dublin.

"Congrats on making a great product, I wouldn’t be without these now. Recommended by my dentist I bought when we went into lockdown and I was having to wear my aligners for weeks at a time. Now I’m back to changing them every week and I’m still using your product, it’s excellent. I’ve just ordered another 3 months worth".

Sarah, West Yorkshire.

"They are absolutely amazing. I have tried all the high street denture cleaners and not had the crisp clear clean that my Clean’ners  give my aligners".  Jayne, Berkshire.

"Clean'ners are great for cleaning and freshening my aligners".  Sara, London.

“Very happy with Clean’ners, what a difference they make in cleaning my bruxing appliance”  Marie-Claire, Middlesex

“I use them every morning for cleaning my Invisalign.” Mansell, London

“I love how easy Clean'ners are to use”  Helena, West Yorkshire

"Everything has been fantastic,  the Clean’ners tablets work great on my retainers. Great product, easy to order and fast delivery."  Barry, Scotland

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